Alien Ant Farm – Live at Koko. “I missed you guys. I really missed you guys…not you f**kface”

Thursday 7th May 2015. London Koko.

2001, Alien Ant Farm released their cover of ‘Smooth Criminal’ and it was good. 2015, the band return to the UK to be part of a great show which brought back some of the early 2000’s underrated rock groups. The night began with the band emerging to a full house, coming to the stage with ‘Wish’ and doing a show which featured many other tracks from the ANTHOLOGY album. This is a band I wish I saw in their prime, but my excitement could not be held when they came into the room. Dryden Mitchell leads his band through thirteen great tracks, you may not know them all but you would enjoy them.


As the set continues, favourites such as ‘Forgive & Forget’ and the awesome ‘Movies’ gets so many people singing. Promoting their first album in nine years and touring the UK with P.O.D. and Hoobastank, Alien Ant Farm are definitely an enlightening presence on the crowd.  Though a few tracks may have slipped under the radar of these fans, it was indeed enjoyable. A few issues with sound did little to sour the night, though I was annoyed that Dryden did seem to have to struggle at times to get heard through the microphone. Though the jokes and laughs are very frequent throughout the sixty-minute set. It keeps everyone smiling between the songs that rocked us in (for the majority of us) our teens!

Overall, a great mix of music. The night did really get its burst of adrenaline when Alien Ant Farm got to play ‘Smooth Criminal’. It may have been originally by Michael Jackson, but you can’t help but love this tune. Sounding as good as it did fourteen years ago, I still love this cover. The set goes very quick and I wish we could have had more from this group. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough for this band in terms of hits; I wish the guys would have a big comeback. It is a shame they never hit a career high as many of the acts whom emerged at the time, but I am glad I finally saw this fantastic rock group live and kicking.

Final rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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