Red Dwarf returns. What you need to know!

It’s official! Red Dwarf is to return in 2016 to our TV screens for series 11 courtesy of TV channel Dave. Though this is more than just a regular celebration, as we also have confirmation that series 12 will be broadcast in 2017 too! So with the filming of the new episodes due to begin in the autumn, what do we know so far?

To begin with, Craig Charles has announced his official departure from Coronation Street. This is a big move to show his commitment to the future of the sitcom. It has been a while since Red Dwarf X was shown. Many had begun to doubt whether the show was to continue due to the commitments of the main cast. Though, does this mean that Danny John-Jules will be leaving his role in Death In Paradise?  I assume his schedule will let him do both. Chris Barrie coming back as Rimmer gives so many possibilities and Robert Llewellyn needs to be Kryten again!

We have a two series order; this is at least twelve episodes of new Red Dwarf that will be coming to us in the next two years. So, does this double order mean we may be saying goodbye to the boys of the Dwarf? Well, not necessarily. If Series 10 was anything to go by, the show still has a dedicated fanbase and Doug Naylor is able to create fun scripts for his audience. Also, it does look like Barrie, Charles, John-Jules and Llewellyn want to make more on their working friendship. Though, I reckon Norman Lovett should be brought back to play Holly again, really bring the full original line-up back.

Supporting characters? Yes. We should have more from the GELF, simulants and maybe explore that former script about the Felis Sapiens species where The Cat has to find someone of his species to mate with. Ace Rimmer maybe should make a return to lead his more pathetic self to become a hero. Also, how about we get a return for one or two of the Red Dwarf crew? Maybe Captain Hollister and his crew may pop up with the escape pod they took (and finally give answers to the Series 8 finale), or Olaf Petersen finally goes to see his buddy, maybe he has just been drinking in the lower decks of the ship all this time.

Whatever happens, it is sure to be funny and exciting as usual. Though right now we have very little details on what will happen, we can be happy with the fact that it is finally coming back! Lister, Rimmer, The Cat and Kryten are returning to our screens! BRING ON 2016!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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