Mortal Kombat X. “Sorry. Did you just say ‘kick my ass’?”

For a game series on its tenth main instalment, you would expect the quality to maybe dip and possibly begin to bore those who are still playing and getting into this series. Well, I can say that Mortal Kombat X is probably one of the freshest game’s to hit the market for some time. With a story mode which finally takes us away from the tournament, we got an original story set after the 2011 reboot which saw Raiden finally defeat Shao Khan, but at a cost of the lives of many of the fighters. We see a jump to over twenty years in the future and we also go all Pulp Fiction on this game as we have a non-linear story which shows us everything that has happened since Shao Khan was defeated and leading to the re-appearance of evil former Elder God Shinnok. The story plays similar to the last Mortal Kombat game. You are playing through chapters; each chapter sees you fight as a different character of the heroic side. Whether you fight as the reformed Scorpion, thunder god Raiden or even ass-kicker Cassie Cage, you will certainly enjoy the pace and be hooked for every second of the game.

Whether you are in it for the story mode to take on the evil of the NetherRealm, fight your way up the towers and relive the classic arcade style modes or just fight with your friends, this is the game for you. Relive the classic cringes when you saw just how gory your fatality attack is on your enemy, with possibly some of the strongest, bloodiest scenes ever in a video game, but you will love it. The controls, though yes they may involve some button-bashing, the combos are easy to master. Also each character has three styles of fighting, which brings more variety to the table. The finishing moves do remain the favourite, and that will hopefully never change. If you get to see Liu Kang tearing a man in two, well I will leave that comment there. At the time of writing this review, I have not yet had a chance to experience the online fighting. Though, the action I have seen is bone crunching and over the top in violence. But, isn’t that what we expect from Mortal Kombat?

All I will say is to expect a rather big overhaul in the character roster. Though many from the Lin Quei are now gone, you will see that evil does spread in other ways. Also, look out for the shock return of some characters and experience the greatness of some of those who are new to the series. Many of the chapters you will play involve the new cast, but their abilities and specialities will make you love them as much as you did the first lot of characters. Did I mention you can also have Predator and Jason Voorhees on your game? Well, these horror villains should add that bit more flavour to the already rich pot. Get in on 2015’s best game so far! (I should say the story mode is short, but the ending does give us hope for a sequel).

Final rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove


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