The end of Noah And The Whale. Today I Lost My Favourite Band…

There is a huge part of me that is really hoping that this news is just an April fool’s joke! This band has been a huge part of my life for years. Since I listened to PEACEFUL, THE WORLD LAYS ME DOWN in 2008, I was instantly hooked on the folk-rock melodies that Charlie Fink and his band produced. The songs always made me think of the future, from today though, they will now make me think of the past. I remember the day that I and my best friend both bought the album; I actually played that CD so much I swear the thickness of the disc was halved by the end of that year. Then, in 2009 I got tickets to go and see them, but the first gig almost didn’t happen…

Friday 6th March 2009, Shepherds Bush Empire. The band I had been hooked on for some time, I was inches away from seeing them live. As I arrived at the venue, I saw that I had left my ticket in my car miles away from the venue. Distraught and upset, I almost gave up on going inside. Though by luck, I managed to get another ticket at the cost of £20. I went in, I loved every second. Finally, the songs I had become so acquainted to being performed before my very eyes and I really enjoyed it so. Getting to sing ‘5 Years Time’ with this band was just fantastic. I walked out that venue with such a spring in my step and eagerly awaiting more. Then, in August 2009, THE FIRST DAYS OF SPRING was released. Never had I heard such a dramatic change in style from a band, while still maintaining their identity. I thought I overplayed the first album, but their sophomore release was probably even more played than the first. To this day, I would still call it my favourite album of all time. Why? The tunes are heartfelt and meaningful, the moods in the duration of the album are strongly reflective of a relationship as it ends and your life begins a new and there was nothing else quite like it. Charlie Fink used real experiences to create this masterpiece, and I wasted no time in embracing this album into my life. The title track was incredibly moving, the middle made me want to leap up and dance while the rest was a soul-enlightening experience which I enjoy going back to at any given opportunity.

I continued to see the band live on a regular basis. From Koko Club and The Roundhouse in Camden to Somerset House, I saw this band many times and enjoyed each night thoroughly. Then, when a third album was on the horizon, I was then introduced to even more songs which I instantly loved. LAST NIGHT ON EARTH brought yet again a different tone to the proceedings, while some tracks could have easily been connected to tracks from the first two albums; the third release saw the band experiment a more electronic sound while still keeping the folk roots grounded. As the number of times I saw them grew, so did the size of their venues. The fourth album came, and though it was not a topper on the previous releases, HEART OF NOWHERE was still a Noah And The Whale album and would still see plenty of spins. Alas, the show that saw them with one of their biggest ever audiences, The O2 Arena in London, was to be the last time I saw this band live. This marked the tenth time I had seen them and I embraced the idea of my favourite band playing an arena again in the near future.

Though today, on a day that should be about light-hearted jokes and adolescent pranks, I lost my favourite band today! It has been a great time. The four albums will always hold a place in my music collection, THE FIRST DAYS OF SPRING will always be a lifelong favourite and I shall never forget the times I was able to experience and share this band with family, friends and those who would listen to the fantastic sounds of Noah and the Whale. I say goodbye to Michael, Fred, Urby, Tom and Charlie and I hope that all you guys will continue to influence the music in my life and I will be hoping that one day my favourite band will come back.

“Well I don’t think that it’s the end, but I know we can’t keep going. Well I don’t think that it’s the end, but I know we can’t keep going. Because blue skies are coming, but I know that it’s hard”

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

NATW pic

One thought on “The end of Noah And The Whale. Today I Lost My Favourite Band…”

  1. Hey, Jonjo! I’m a huge NATW fan and I’m currently startled by the news regarding the band’s end. I guess they were truly amazing, my favorite band of the last decade, these guys accomplished so much in so little time…
    I think they deserved more recognition, not that I think that it’s of great importance or that it could make any difference really, but I feel that for the sheer quality of their work, they deserved to be more known (of course, I speak from Brazil where absolutely no one know about NATW, I may be under the wrong impression on this).

    Anyway, it was nice to read your thoughts and history on the band’s work! Best regards, from another grieving Noah fan!

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