The Top Five Endings To TV Shows

We all hate it when our favourite show comes to an end, especially when the ending to it can leave us disappointed or keeping things too open ended. Luckily, sometimes we get another chance to hopefully get the ending that we want (Heroes and Twin Peaks better make good use of their respective revivals). But, the shows that are given the ending they deserve make it worth it to say goodbye. These are my five top shows that were give a great ending and that still hold up today. *WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD*

Blackadder Goes Forth – Goodbyeee

Ok, so Blackadder did technically get a one-off special some years later, but it was more a spin-off than continuation. This show gave a very raw setting in the trenches of World War I. This episode sees Captain Blackadder attempt to get out of the war. His attempts include pretending to be mad by shoving pencils up his nose with his pants on his head and calling a favour from Field Marshall Haig. Though this episode was still filled with laughs, the serious nature came from the impending march over the wall to face the enemy. The biggest acclaim came from the final scene when the men know they are about to die and the slow motion run towards the German army which leads to the episode’s end. We knew this was the end, but it made the impact that took your breath away with something more dramatic which few comedies would ever dare attempt.

Breaking Bad – Felina

One of the most critically-acclaimed TV shows to ever come from the US, Breaking Bad gave probably one of the best finales possible. With Bryan Cranston’s Walter White returning to make the most of his last few days alive. He looks to finish off his enemies, give the money to his children who would need it and to save his friend Jesse. We find Walter take many actions through flash-forwards earlier in Season Five and this culminates in this last episode. Walt and Jesse can’t deny the bond between them, even after all that is happened. Finally, to see Walter finally succumb to his impending death in a place where he saw himself rise and fall (a Meth Lab), it is a full circle and the conclusion to one of TV’s most fascinating character’s.

Journeyman – Perfidia

One of the least known shows possibly on this list, and definitely the shortest running with only 13 episodes produced. Journeyman took a similar concept to Quantum Leap and saw a man jumping back in time on random occasions to help people. This technique was discovered to be the reason behind his former fiancée disappearing so many years before. This episode saw Dan Vasser meet a man who was also able to jump in time. Dan saves Evan and Evan shows him the proof of him being a time traveller and the history he changed to get where he is now. Eventually Evan dies; at around the same time that Dan first jumps back in time. We also learn a bit more about Professor Langley who seems to know a lot about Dan’s ability, but has purposely kept back as to not take advantage of his gift. The final scene where Dan’s wife finally sees him jump back in time is beautiful, and leaves the show on a high note and keeps it open.

Only Fools and Horses – Time On Our Hands

The show may have come back for three episodes in 2001 which lacked the quality we loved, but in 1996 we got the ending we were waiting for. Del and Rodney finally see their luck come in from a piece they acquired 15 years previous (When the show started) and see them sell it for £6.2 Million. The boys then see their lifelong dream come true and they finally get to have everything they wanted, but Del Boy struggles with the change, he enjoyed the journey and is upset that it has finished. He eventually realises he should enjoy his wealth and so we see the trio of Del, Rodney and Albert walk into the sunset as Del Boy discusses another money making scheme and finishes with “This time next year, we could be billionaires!”

Justice League Unlimited – Epilogue (Designed as final Batman Beyond/Batman: The Animated Series episode)

OK, technically not a final episode for that series, but it brought closure to the related series ‘Batman Beyond’. Originally designed as a series finale for JLU, Bruce Timm wrote this episode to provide closure to the Batman: The Animated Series sequel as well as a finale for fans of its parent show. In the episode, it is revealed that new Batman Terry McGinnis is the result of the “Batman Beyond” project which looked to continue Bruce Wayne’s work after he finished being Batman. Terry is initially upset, believing he was made as a clone to Bruce. Amanda Waller reveals this truth to Terry and he was created by genetic tampering and Bruce Wayne unknowingly becomes a father. This episode gives great closure for both Batmen and the character-driven plot in the future world gives the conclusion we were happy to see. Also, it shows you that only Batman’s son could take over from Batman.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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