“Live Long And Prosper”. Five Memories of Leonard Nimoy

The sad news that Mr Spock himself has gone is surely to have hit millions this week. Many people will remember him for his portrayal of the iconic Vulcan in Star Trek, a role which he had occupied for nearly fifty years on screen. Leonard Nimoy proved that even with his most famous role showing him as almost robotic and at times deadpan, the real Leonard was able to effortlessly entertain and could bring plenty of smiles when needed to. So, I wanted to make a list of the times I will surely remember Leonard Nimoy on screen and the fun and joy that comes from each of these appearances.

  1. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

I need to say that this is probably the most obvious choice on my list. But possibly one of the greatest I have seen. Leonard Nimoy reprised his role as Spock as he was told he would have a “dramatic death scene” and thought this would be the end for the Star Trek franchise. Little did he know this film would break records, earn lots of money and get critically hailed as the best Star Trek movie (and many still call it that). With many enjoying the return of past villain Khan (Ricardo Montalban) and James T. Kirk’s “KHHHHHAAAANNN!!!” being well used over the years, it is the death scene itself of Spock where Leonard Nimoy got to really push his acting abilities and the character went off (though only for a short time) with great emotion and given an ending of a true hero.

  1. The Simpsons: Marge Vs. The Monorail

This cameo definitely being one of this episode’s finest scenes (and one of the greatest actors to appear on its long run), we see Leonard Nimoy as the star guest to open the Springfield Monorail. He appears to enjoy talking about his Star Trek days, makes references to his show (Warp Five) and even beams up after he states “My work is done here”. Truly a great laugh and a well thought of cameo for the show.

  1. Fringe

Leonard Nimoy took on a rather vital role in Sci-Fi drama Fringe when he appeared as William Bell. William is shown to have many ties to lead character Walter Bishop and helped with his studies of the parallel world. This also reveals more about why Walter was institutionalized. We see William Bell try many different things throughout the show, including placing his consciousness into a computer and use other people’s bodies to host his own existence. A truly great creation and one that only Leonard could pull off.

  1. The Big Bang Theory: The Transporter Malfunction

Another cameo here, but a rather funny one throughout. When Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon a vintage Star Trek transporter each, both initially refuse to open them from their box. Sheldon is visited in a dream by his Spock action figure that talks to him and encourages him to play with the toy. Sheldon accidently breaks the toy and switches it with Leonard’s. When Sheldon is asleep, he is once again visited by toy Spock who is upset with Sheldon’s actions and eventually gets him to see the error of his ways.

  1. Star Trek (2009 Film)

Ok, so I have used Star Trek films twice, but this is probably the biggest one! Star Trek was made as a reboot to the original series, though that’s not strictly true. J.J. Abrams made a film that was actually a continuation of the original series and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock was at the centre of that. With his Spock inadvertently being sent back in time while trying to save the planet Romulus from a supernova, he finds himself in the past of an alternate timeline and the voice of reason to his old friend, James Kirk. He may not have a lead role, but he made this film the success that it became! Also his meeting with his younger self is just brilliant!

Finally, I couldn’t leave out his final on-screen reunion with his fellow Star Trek cast members!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

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