Better Call Saul. Episode 4: Hero. “Not the loquacious sort, are you?”

We begin with another flashback to a younger Jimmy and an unidentified friend or associate as they howl while walking around. Jimmy states his name is ‘Saul Good, Man’ (foreshadowing I think). They find the wallet of a guy who is in the alleyway, seemingly drunk. They rob him for his watch and money. The guy decides to take the watch and give Jimmy the money plus another $540 to sweeten the deal. This turns out to be a scam by Jimmy and the man in the alleyway as they then go and get stoned while enjoying the money. A brief look at the adventures of “Slippin’ Jimmy” is here. We then head back to the present where Jimmy has confronted the Kettlemans and attempts to get them found while they look to bribe him for his silence. He gives them a chance to let him be their lawyer, but they refuse and decide to keep with Hamlin. Jimmy then goes back to the court and gets Nacho out of custody by saying the family were “Camping” (while thanking Mike for his help with the tip). Nacho doesn’t believe the story and thinks someone warned the family that he was coming for them. He says that it is only Nacho’s fault if he was caught because he was sloppy and somebody may have been looking out for the family.

Jimmy is shown to have taken the bribe. He uses the money to have a makeover and continue his transformation to the Saul Goodman that we eventually meet. Jimmy has fun with getting his own suit made and having his hair coloured/prepared for advertisements. Later, Kim calls from her office to speak to Jimmy about meeting up and having some time together. Kim is taken by Hamlin to see a certain billboard which uses the same image of their law firm for his own and a logo which is different only by the letters that they use. Jimmy is obviously trying to overshadow the law firm. Kim goes to warn Jimmy about the billboard and the infringement that it holds. He states he did it because of how Hamlin wanted to stop Jimmy from using his own name professionally. Jimmy is later taken to court over trademark infringement and he is then told to remove the advert. Jimmy then tries to call news outlets about his plight but none seem to be interested in helping him out.

Jimmy later makes a video plea looking to get sympathy and help in his situation. The background shows his billboard being taken down and the worker taking down the billboard then falls and is hanging only by a harness. Jimmy is filmed going to help the man and being observed by many in the vicinity. The incident is a stunt and revealed as Jimmy converses with the man. Hamlin and Kim both can see it was a stunt, but there is a sense that Jimmy has been seen as a real hero. He returns to his office to missed calls on his machine. Jimmy later obtains a paper to see himself made a hero. The stunt has worked and Jimmy is getting clients. He visits Chuck and shares his good news with him, he states it was Chuck’s advice that helped him. Chuck notices his paper is not there as Jimmy has taken it to hide what has actually happened. Chuck looks and sees that everywhere else has a paper. He then runs out in his silver cloak and grabs the paper, he then learns the truth of what happened with Jimmy and the billboard incident.

Four episodes in, and we are really starting to see the show hit a stride now. The throwbacks to Breaking Bad using the cold openings is still great, and we learn more about Jimmy’s past in them few minutes than we did throughout his time as Saul Goodman. Bob Odenkirk begins to reveal himself as the guy we remember watching for years and is magnificent. Jonathan Banks gets very little to do again which is disappointing, but hopefully that will change soon. Patrick Fabian is given great time to shine in this episode as Howard Hamlin, the one man that Jimmy wants to destroy. He is witty, suave and knows his way around the law with fine precision. Rhea Seehorn’s Kim is given some good scenes too and her interaction with Jimmy in the salon is fun and serious at the same time. This episode is doing the right thing by bringing Jimmy higher in the public eye and getting him seen more seriously as a lawyer, but what will Chuck think of this rise of the hero Jimmy? (we also need more Michael McKean). Episode five needs to come soon!

Final Rating: 8/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Episode 5 preview:


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