Better Call Saul. Episode 3: ‘Nacho’. “You Gonna Gum Me To Death, Geezer!”

Better Call Saul. Episode 3: ‘Nacho’

We start this episode with a flashback to an earlier point in the life of Jimmy McGill when he is in prison, getting help from his brother Chuck. Later, Jimmy is seen in his office talking to Kim Wexler who works for the law firm Chuck was part of, discusses the Kettlemans and mentions about the potential danger they are in. Jimmy worries that his deal with Nacho will end nastily so he calls the Kettlemans to warn them of the danger and they see Nacho’s vehicle outside. The next day, Jimmy goes to work and manages to get out the car park without paying which angers Mike (Which we will come back to). It is discovered that the family goes missing and Kim suspects that Jimmy knows the truth after the call the night before. Jimmy thinks that Nacho may have kidnapped the family, so he repeatedly attempts to contact Nacho. Eventually, Jimmy is brought into court as it turns out Nacho has already been arrested and a suspect in the Kettleman’s disappearance.

Nacho has Jimmy be his defence council, threatening Jimmy if he can’t get him out of prison and to get him out before the police find out about his connections to Tuco. Jimmy encourages the police to take him to the Kettleman family, he realises that the Kettleman daughter has a doll which seems to be missing which indicates the family left on their own accord. Jimmy admits to Kim that he knew the Kettlemans were in danger and warned them the night before they disappeared. Jimmy continues with the idea the family made themselves disappear. After a confrontation with Mike in which Jimmy attempts to get into the car park, Jimmy is brought down by Mike to his knees and threatened with assaulting Mike to get information from him. After explaining his theory that the Kettleman family disappeared on their own accord, Mike drops charges as he believes the story after remembering an experience he had similar as an officer in Philadelphia. Jimmy goes to investigate and finds the family as they look to leave after some time camping near their home. The family refuse to go back home, and Jimmy finally catches them red-handed with the money they had supposedly taken. Finally, Jimmy sees his luck change.

Better call saul ep 3

Ok, it was great to finally see Jimmy/Saul and Mike finally work together, even if it was only brief. Though we don’t get to see much of him this week, seeing Chuck help his brother in a rather desperate time is good and expands on why Jimmy became a lawyer. Bob Odenkirk gets better and better after each episode and is comfortably talking the lead. It was great to have more of Jonathan Banks taking his Mike character to more than a cameo role this time round. Also, it is great to finally get to know more about Rhea Seehorn’s character Kim and I want to know more about the history they share. The writing is still funny and the stakes do remain high throughout. Truly 2015’s greatest TV triumph so far!

Final Rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Episode four preview here:

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