Better Call Saul – Mijo. “Wow, you’ve got a mouth on you”

Salsa is being made. This is no joke. Instead of spreading blue crystal over his nostrils, Tuco is instead cooking up a meal. He then is greeted by his grandmother and the twins who looked to get some cash with the help of Jimmy (soon to be Saul). Tuco seems to be very loving to his grandma and sends her away so he can chat to the twins. Tuco sees the twins are looking for cash and he knocks the two unconscious for them calling her by an unacceptable name. While Grandma Salamanca is watching her shows, she calls for her “mijo” Tuco as he is cleaning up a bloodied mess. Then as Tuco continues to clean, he is then greeted by Jimmy at the door. Setting us up for where we ended episode one with the gun in Jimmy’s face. There is a tense showdown between Jimmy and Tuco as the gun is pointed in Tuco’s favour. Jimmy tries to talk his way out of the Salamanca house and work out what has happened to his partners.

Jimmy almost has the twins freed, but they discuss the hit and run plan and Tuco then abducts them and places them in the desert. While there, Jimmy discusses his plan with Tuco and his crew to scam the Kettlemans into using him for their legal cover. Coming up with a lie that he is an undercover agent who is looking to shut down Tuco’s drug ring, which he admits is a lie. He pleads for their lives in with Tuco and his crew. They look to release them as the “lawyer” is showing respect on behalf of the three of them. Jimmy is given the opportunity to go, but Tuco looks to kill the twins for disrespecting his grandmother. Jimmy then rushes against the clock to save the twins and find a way for Tuco to punish them without killing them. He agrees that he should only break one leg each of the twins and makes the most of every moment, while Jimmy looks physically shaken by the injuries that the two sustain. He rushes the two to hospital after the showdown and it is then date night for Jimmy.

The date in question seems to go well, but even glancing at her ample cleavage is distracted as he sees breadsticks being broken in front of him which reminds him of the earlier events. He then leaves and goes to visit his brother while still being shaken. He goes to see his brother who is physically shocked to see Jimmy still had his phone on him, despite him collapsing onto the sofa, his brother Chuck still sees the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity a more pressing problem. Jimmy tries to remember what happened the night before when he wakes up in Chuck’s house and pieces together his night and find his belongings. Chuck finds the emergency room bill for Cal and Lars and Jimmy explains that it was for the good and not because he is reverting to his old ways. Jimmy eventually returns to the court, looking to get a case to get some money.

He prepares himself for some cases and seems to be building his confidence, though still can’t catch a break when dealing with Mike as he tries to leave the court and not having enough stickers on his time card. He keeps taking on cases and seems to be doing well, but he still can’t seem to beat Mike and calls him a “troll under a bridge” as he vents his anger. Jimmy goes to his “office” and sets up his bed in there while sipping on the booze. He gets a knock on the door and is told he has a customer. He opens the door after having a quick tidy and it turns out to be Nacho, one of Tuco’s men. Nacho seems interested in helping Jimmy and will share the money that those he tried to “rip-off” have got. Nacho reminds Jimmy that he saved him from Tuco and that they should work together on scamming the Kettlemans. Nacho leaves and Jimmy watches as the man leaves after making the business offer and threatening death if he mentions anything about what happened to him or the twins in the desert.

First off, Bob Odenkirk seems to be working the leading role. After a first episode where some nerves were clearly shown, this second episode gets straight into the action and we see Bob’s Jimmy as he makes himself a man who can do anything with the right words in his arsenal. Raymond Cruz is brilliant as Tuco, a favourite from the early days of Breaking Bad. Raymond knows how to hook people and his performance is flawless. Also Nacho actor Michael Mando is intriguing and looks set to be in the running to become the main antagonist in this show. Nacho is smart; he knows his limits and knows how to manipulate. The only thing I would say is that we seem to not really have many female characters really standing out at the moment. Hopefully this will be changing soon, as the addition of Kerry Condon later should be fun and to see more of Rhea Seehorn will be great too. Also it was nice to see a more fragile Chuck as Michael McKean really shows Jimmy’s brother as the apparent illness he has is really affecting him mentally and takes over all other things. A great episode and looks to really be setting into motion the rest of the series. Peter Gould should be proud of this piece. But please, let’s see more Mike Ehrmantraut! Apart from that, this episode is brilliant and a huge step up on the debut.

Final rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Here is a teaser for Episode 3 ‘Nacho’

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