Queen  + Adam Lambert. The O2 Arena. Sunday 18th January 2015


Queen, one of the best-selling and best known bands in history took to the stage tonight. This simply was brilliant. We get lifelong members Brian May and Roger Taylor lead the band with their flawless skills and they are joined by a new front-man who I would go as far to call the 21st century’s Freddie Mercury! The band took to the stage in spectacular fashion with the lights flashing, the ambience growing and then ‘One Vision’ launches the night! When the curtain is pulled back, you get that “WHAT IS HE WEARING?!” thought when you first see Adam Lambert strut across the stage, but indeed he embraces his part in the band and stands out immediately as a gifted and dedicated singer. Through a rather hectic 45 minutes, the band progress through a number of hits and keep the crowd chanting throughout. The embracing of ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’, the site of Adam Lambert in his “Throne” during ‘Killer Queen’ is priceless and you can’t help but really feel the genuine love from Adam Lambert as he belts out ‘I Want To Break Free’ to the 16000 fans in The O2!


After the chants of ‘Somebody To Love’ begins to die down, we then find the stage go black. But, in an extension to the stage, we see Dr Brian May with his acoustic guitar. He has a chat with the fans, thanking them and also does a group wide shot with his “selfie-stick” (the sticks are banned for use in The O2 by concert-goers, wonder how he snuck that one in). He plays through the rather emotional ‘Love Of My Life’ and provides his first turn on main vocals to great effect. To see the video of Freddie in the background and hearing his vocals at the end of the song is a very high point and rather emotional with the listening crowd. ‘’39’ then sees the rest of the band, excluding Adam Lambert, return to the stage. This then leads us to probably one of the saddest, but most beautiful songs of all time. ‘These Are The days Of Our Lives’ sees Dr Roger Taylor (yes, he has a PhD too) take vocal duties as he leads a song which reminds many fans of the great Freddie Mercury. The music video for this song became famous as being the last music video to feature Freddie before his untimely death. Roger Taylor takes us on an almost tearful journey as this song summed up the end of Freddie’s life and we see many images of the Queen front-man during the performance.


We now get to see a bass solo, and then we get a rather exciting drum battle between Roger Taylor and his son as they play one by one. It is good. ‘Under Pressure’ welcomes back Adam Lambert as he sings co-lead with Roger Taylor on the classic Number 1. We get through more classics as ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ transforms The O2 Arena into a whole new place and the atmosphere is incomparable. ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ and ‘I Want It All’ warm the hearts of all as we all get to sing along with much enthusiasm. Now, we have had lots of hits, and there is still many to come. ‘Radio Ga Ga’ excites many fans and the clapping and punching the air with each line of “all we hear is *CLAP CLAP* Radio Ga Ga *CLAP CLAP* Radio Goo Goo *CLAP CLAP* Radio Ga Ga *CLAP CLAP*”. ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ gets an extended ending which keeps you dancing all the way to its eventual conclusion. Then the almighty ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ brings us to the end of the set-list. The song features more archive footage, mainly from the video for the hit song.  We get a short break before the encore. The band returns to bring the anthem ‘We Will Rock You’ to life. We chant with all our hearts and then the finale ‘We Are The Champions’ brings the last bit of energy to the surface as everyone screams out every word of the song. The band eventually hit that last note and the show is over.


It has to be said, I am not a fan of Adam Lambert. But, tonight I was really impressed with him. His showmanship was indeed a high point of the night. His energy is unmatched to anyone I have seen in that position since the passing of Freddie Mercury and I hope that Adam Lambert continues to be the voice of Queen for a long time to come. The supporting band members were all on top form too. The biggest marks do go to Brian May and Roger Taylor who shows what has kept them at the top of British music for all these years. Not afraid to take vocals and show what they can do, the two original members will keep the legacy alive for a long time to come. I hope I can see them again, this was my first Queen concert and I hope and pray it will not be my last.

Final Rating: 10/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove



  1. God Save the Queen (in the background at the end)

3 thoughts on “Queen  + Adam Lambert. The O2 Arena. Sunday 18th January 2015”

  1. I am curious. If you are not a fan of Adam and you gave the concert 10/10, what is it about Adam that you are not a fan of? Who are you a fan of? Elvis? Could he have taken the position front and center and given you a 10/10 show like Adam did? Who else could you be a fan of who could have done 10% of what Adam did on that stage? What male singer could tick off every qualifying box and go above and beyond or even equal to what Adam did on that stage? What does a singer have to do to have you as a fan?


    1. That is a good question. While I may not be a fan of the music Adam Lambert has made during my initial listen, I could not help but be intrigued by his performance and could not honestly see anyone else take the part. On from that, I will give his music another go as he completely won me over and I feel that there is no better replacement. Where I may not have been a fan going in, I honestly would consider myself a fan at this point.


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