Kingsman: The Secret Service. “You are about to embark on the most dangerous job interview in the world.”

For anyone who may have seen a little film called Kick-Ass in 2010, you may already be quite familiar with how the movies based on the works of Mark Millar can turn out when put to film by Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, X-Men: First Class). The first time was a very successful collaboration with director Matthew Vaughn as he brought the violent and foul-language comic to the big screen and became a huge success. Since then, filmmaking has taken a huge step forward and more unconventional comics have been since made into movies (Guardians Of The Galaxy possibly being one of the best examples). This collaboration comes back and I am glad to say it is once again a success. London should be a setting for many action films, it works surprisingly well.

Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn bring together their super-successful working partnership to bring another great movie. We start with the introduction of Colin Firth as Harry Hart, AKA “Galahad”. With him, we are thrown into the world of the Kingsman, a secret service which helps to protect the world and do so however possible. Seen as “Gentleman Spies”, they look to keep peace and do so in style. From this we meet Eggsy (Taron Egerton), the son of a former Kingsman agent and a rather clever youngster. Eggsy comes face to face with Harry Hart and the two soon begin to bond. Harry assists Eggsy and shows him his world (A rather great action scene, there is definitely a good few of them). Their journey then continues into making Eggsy a Kingsman as he competes to take the place of the recently fallen “Lancelot” while going against a gang of recruits. During this time, we meet the multi billionaire Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson in a rather humorous turn) as he plans a big project which will have worldwide ramifications.

During the training, Eggsy gets to meet other members of the Kingsman and he learns who to trust and who not to trust throughout. If you are a fan of gore and limbs flying about the place, look no further! We are given the deadly and sexy Gazelle, a double amputee whose new legs are rather sharp and good weapons in a fight. When Valentine’s plan starts to unfold, it is clear that nobody is safe. When we get into the action, we see why Harry Hart is keen to be a mentor for Eggsy and what people will do to protect others. Eggsy doesn’t just have Harry for company; he also gets to spend a lot of time with the rather talented Roxy, whom is also competing for the place as “Lancelot”. Maybe one highlight is how this film really doe’s promote the cream of British stars. To see Jack Davenport, Mark Strong, Michael Caine and Colin Firth to the screen all at once is rather spectacular. Will the Kingsman be able to save the world? Will Eggsy become a Kingsman? And most importantly, can I buy one of them umbrellas that Colin Firth has?

If you have seen Kick Ass, you know exactly what to expect. There is violence, strong language, crazy fight scenes and a hell of a lot of laughs. Kingsman: The Secret Service is funny, adrenaline fuelled, emotional and contains a great soundtrack (. The two hour film swiftly passes and it is a joy throughout. Colin Firth plays one of the most fun roles of his life as he gets to be the James Bond that would exist if money was no object. Samuel L Jackson plays a great villain as Valentine, his lisp adds to his humour and his distain to violence brings a few giggles too. The acting royalty of Michael Caine as “Arthur”, one of Kingsman’s top bosses I think is sadly underused but given some great moments throughout. I must also highlight the acting of Sofia Boutella as she plays Gazelle and enjoys cutting her victims up with her fancy footwear. Talon Egerton is great as Eggsy, at first I thought he was just playing for laughs, but you do really feel for his character by the end. Mark Strong, Sophie Cookson, Samantha Womack…sod it! Everyone is good in this. I also have to give a mention to Mark Hamill, the guy is a brilliant actor and this has made me look forward to his big film at the end of this year (This is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I hope you knew that). A must see and truly continuing the trend of top films for 2015. If I could sell this to you in one line…How many films will you see a fight scene with ‘KC And The Sunshine Band – Give It Up’ playing? Or, you may see some link in this movie to something said by Jay from The Inbetweeners about women from a certain country.

Final Rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Kingsman pic

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