Bring Me The Horizon – Live at Wembley Arena. “Split This F***ing Place In Two”

Friday 5th December 2014. Wembley Arena.

Oli Sykes and his band are no strangers to Wembley Arena, having played the venue a number of times when supporting acts such as Bullet For My Valentine and Machine Head. But this is a different night, tonight Wembley Arena is owned by Bring Me The Horizon as they play the biggest show of their career.


The eerie music which we used to associate with Metal Gear Solid begins the popular ‘Shadow Moses’ as the band storm onto the stage with a thunderous response from the crowd. The first single from their major debut release SEMPITERNAL gets the whole arena chanting “We’re Going Nowhere”. SEMPITERNAL is continued as ‘Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake’ gets everyone’s vocal in tip top shape as the set then takes us to ‘The House Of Wolves’. Our first taste of classic Bring Me The Horizon is when we go to SUICIDE SEASON as we launch into the metalcore anthem ‘Diamond’s Aren’t Forever’, which at the same time gives us some mosh-pits spawning all over the floor of Wembley and then putting into play the infamous “WALL OF DEATH”. ‘It Never Ends’ brings the energy in the arena at this time to its highest and every member of the audience screams every single word. This band knows that many fans may have really discovered them from SEMPITERNAL, but that is no problem as this brilliant album is given a great stretch over this show. Calling it “a song about bastards”, ‘And The Snakes Start To Sing’ brings us back to the new and we jump back and forth for a short while as ‘Alligator Blood’ and ‘Empire (Let Them Sing)’ continue the set. ‘Chelsea Smile’ is the track that brings everything roaring back to life and the thrashing is back to its highest during these few minutes. What comes next was teased a few days ago, quite a few fans are about to be very happy…

BMTH drown

Earlier in the week, Bring Me The Horizon performed a small show in Camden and brought out former guitarist Curtis Ward to play their track ‘Pray For Plagues’, a song which Oli Sykes said they don’t like to play, but said he would if the Wembley crowd welcomed their former member. Well, Wembley exploded and you could see the lifelong fans stick out as they took in every moment of the track from the band’s debut album. The rather brilliant ‘Blessed With A Curse’ takes us away from deathcore and back to our usual line-up and the hard-hitting ‘Antivist’ is then brought to us. It says a lot when chanting with your “middle fingers up” and seeing a certain bad C word in huge bold letters on the screens appear as the entire arena shout it out but it was a magical moment and one that really brought people together during this show. The set comes to an end with the electronic-lead ‘Sleepwalking’, definitely a favourite since its release in March 2013. The track is welcomed by all and the thrash continues as all involved raise their arms in the air and jump around. The encore begins, and we get three more chances to rock our socks off. ‘Hospital For Souls’ leads us and warms us up. New single ‘Drown’ continues this last movement with a vastly different sound but still rocking enough to cause any ear drum to rupture and then we finish with ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ as the night comes to a close and the lads all come to the stage one last time to have their picture taken and that is good night.

A brilliant night was had. What more is there to say? The only criticism I would have given is that they stuck a bit too much to SEMPITERNAL, nine of the sixteen songs featured were off that album, but luckily that release was filled with such a gold mine of material that it does work and fits itself in perfectly with the older material. New song ‘Drown’ gave an almost shocking change in direction for the band, which I liked and would like to see happen more. The lyrics that Oli Sykes shouts are mostly heartfelt and to hear the audience shouting back these words is a sign this band have touched many people. Hearing ‘Shadow Moses’ as the starter was indeed a bold move, probably now one of their most recognisable hits, the band proved they know their work and can do it well. They have been going for ten years now, let’s hope for at least another ten years more. Also, I want that DVD/CD when it comes out of this show!

Final Rating: 10/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Not from last night, but an awesome live performance!


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