Gotham. Episode 4: Arkham

So, last week we had Oswald Cobblepot visiting a surprised Jim Gordon after he was supposed to have left Gotham for good. Oswald states about the war coming, and that it will be for…wait for it…ARKHAM! Yes, the war will be for Arkham Asylum. ‘The Wayne Plan’ is a focus on this episode, the plan was to make the Asylum a new and help the least fortunate in the city. Bruce Wayne wants to see the original plan live on which his parents started, but Jim tells Bruce that Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone (who is now backing the plans of ‘The Wayne Plan’ with the Mayor) are likely to be the two sides to a war which will see innocent people die. Now, let’s get on to the villain this week, a Hitman is attacking councilmen and at first his real motives are unclear. His first victim dies with help from an armed telescope and the second councilman is set on fire outside of Arkham Asylum (Yes, Arkham will appear quite a lot in this episode). Edward Nigma manages to link the deaths to the same person as the spike from the telescope is matched in each victim due to the injury. They lead to the conclusion their murderer is Richard Gladwell. Jim is inches away from finding Gladwell, but is called away by Bullock before he is uncovered. Bullock finds a note which reads C.L.M. but what do they mean? Finally, some excitement happens at the restaurant owned by Sal Maroni as a robbery happens and many of the people inside are killed. Oswald hides in the freezer with a big bag of the money held in there. After being found, the group state they will tell Sal about what happened. But what will happen with Sal and Oswald? Also, Barbara finally confronts Jim about Oswald Cobblepot about whether or not he shot him. Jim works out that Barbara spoke to Montoya about the shooting and learns Barbara and Montoya were once together. So, what does this mean for the couple?

Sal Maroni swears vengeance as he states Falcone must have orchestrated the attack; he rewards Oswald for his saving of the money and makes him the manager of the restaurant, which begins his rise to power. Bullock realises that Gladwell is actually dead and his identity was stolen. Jim finds out from Oswald and with some thinking that the Mayor will be the next victim of the Hitman, so springs into action and calls upon Bullock for assistance. Meanwhile, we see Fish Mooney looking for a female for a certain job, asking them to seduce her to see if they are worthy. Harvey Bullock goes to Fish Mooney for help, being spurred on by Jim’s threat of a gang war. Sure enough, when Jim arrives at the mayor’s home, the hitman arrives and is ready to make the kill. A chase begins as Jim tries to protect the Mayor; it looks like game over for Jim until Harvey comes in and guns down the hitman. Fish Mooney picks a girl called Liza (mainly cos she beats the crap out of the other girl, which scarily impresses Mooney), but what will she be used for? Jim refuses to talk to Barbara about Oswald, which seems to place a strain on their relationship and Jim is left with an ultimatum which could make or break their future. Remember that robbery from earlier, turns out Oswald set up the robbery at Maroni’s restaurant and presents his hired goons (the first of many) with food he has prepared himself. Mayor James gives his plan out to the Arkham development, with Falcone being left to sort out housing developments and gave Maroni the contract to Arkham Asylum to fix it as he pleases. Knowing that the Mayor is stuck between two powers, Jim discusses this with Bruce and convinces Bruce that he can do a lot to save Gotham. “I believe it’s worth trying” a hopeful Jim tells Bruce. Oh yes, that food Oswald ‘The Penguin’ Cobblepot gave his goons was poisoned.

Gotham arkham

So, I will just say it now that Robin Lord Taylor is still my favourite actor in Gotham. The Penguin is quickly shaping up to be a great force. The set up for the robbery and killing his own men shows Oswald truly is in control and will be a huge force going forward. David Mazouz is becoming a rather convincing Bruce Wayne; he is how I would imagine a young Master Wayne to be. Sean Pertwee is a good Alfred, but still needs to prove himself. Same to be said about Cory Michael Smith as his Edward Nigma is given maybe a minute on screen and disappears for the rest of the episode. Ben McKenzie is definitely a strong Jim Gordon, but I am hoping for him to jump to his iconic commissioner role soon. Camren Bicondova’s absence in this episode is a shame, as I feel we have a lot to learn still about the young Selina Kyle. This week’s villain, portrayed by Hakeem Kae-Kazim does well as the Hitman who is killing Gotham officials, but unfortunately we don’t learn much about him before he is killed. The most improved character this week is Fish Mooney; Jada Pinkett-Smith does a great service this week as her character begins her plan to take down her boss Falcone. A great episode, though I think David Zayas needs more of a presence as Sal Maroni and it would be nice to learn more about The Riddler as Edward Nigma so we get more riddles and potentially he may suddenly turn against the police this season. A good episode, though last week had the better villain and more fleshed out story, this is still a good episode and holds some great moments. ‘Arkham’ may not feature too heavily in its titular outing, but I hope we see more of it soon.

Final rating: 7.5/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Here is a preview for the next episode, titled ‘Viper’. Which you can watch at 9pm on Channel 5 in the UK.

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