Gotham – Episode 2: Selina Kyle

Once again, Selina Kyle is the first known character we see. The episode opens with some of the street kids she is hanging around with just as they get abducted by a couple in a car known as Patti and Doug, whom pretend to be part of a Homeless Outreach Program. They offer food to entice the kids and then use drugged needles to then take them. Selina stays away and another child also gets away from the kidnappers and is later taken in by the police. Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate as there is also a murder at the same time which they believe is connected. Fish Mooney is shaken after a meeting with her boss Falcone and is then shown to already be planning a demise of her Don and to take his place. Fish Mooney also seems to know something about the kidnappers but states she doesn’t know and nobody knows who it is. Barbara leaks information to the police about the kidnapping and this eventually leads the two detectives to a store that supplies the drug which just so happens to be where Patti and Doug are with the kids they took earlier. Later, these two twisted psychos appear again and kidnap a whole bus of kids who are to be sent to a Juvenile Detention Centre in order to keep them off the streets. Later, Jim and the GCPD come and save them before they are sent off in a shipping container. Jim still tries to be the voice of reason, though many still believe he murdered Oswald Cobblepot, though the audience knows that Jim’s soul is still intact as he let Oswald go.

Meanwhile, there is a lot more happening around Gotham. Bruce Wayne is testing himself and his pain thresholds by placing his hand over a small flame and is caught by Alfred who at first is mad with him but then holds him as he realises Bruce is still suffering. Alfred even asks Jim Gordon to come see Bruce to talk to him as he is really worried for his mental health. Edward Nigma (or Riddler if that helps) is still being rather creepy and makes a mention to the famous Arkham Asylum after discovering what the drug is, though we find out Gotham has been closed for 15 years! (Let’s be honest, it won’t be closed for too long). Also let’s not forget Oswald Cobblepot, the man who has already started to become The Penguin. Oswald escaped death after Jim Gordon let him go and he swam for freedom. He hobbles his way down the road until a car picks him up and after they state his resemblance to the bird that he has been called on a number of occasions, he kills the guys who pick him up and he drives until he finds an RV he rents outside of the city.

The friendship that is growing between Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon is becoming strong, they show they can work together and both Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) and David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne). Donal Logue is still fun as Bullock, though his brash behaviour is not as strong as in the pilot, but maybe this is time for Bullock to change and become a more reliable ally for Jim. Selina Kyle actress Camren Bicondova (probably the best child actress since Jodie Foster) is proving to be very strong and rather intriguing. Selina has got a strong instinct to survive as twice she avoids capture from the kidnappers and manages to defend herself too when needed. Sean Pertwee may not still have too much to do as Alfred, but he seems to be rounding out a bit more and he knows that all he can do is support Bruce, not bring him up. Jada Pinkett-Smith really shows her strength and her vulnerability in this episode and you know she is gonna be a dangerous woman. Still my favourite character, Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot is still so good and manages to still make a massive impact even though he is featured a lot less in this episode than in the pilot. At the end of the day, the episode was called ‘Selina Kyle’ for a reason and has now made her stand out as one of the top characters in the show. Definitely a great episode, the child-trafficking plot may upset a few people but I think it was a great way to mention the villain ‘Dollmaker’ and I hope he does make an appearance soon (such an underrated character). This would be 10/10, but only if it had more of Oswald Cobblepot being a psychotic bastard every time he was called “Penguin” and just more of him in general.

Final Rating: 9/10

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Sneak peak of episode 3 here…


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