Doctor Who – Flatline. “… Goodness had nothing to do with it.”

There is a man who is stuck in a wall within the first few moments of this week’s episode. That was enough to intrigue me. The TARDIS lands (in Bristol) and the doorway out is about half its original size, it’s almost like a child’s TARDIS play set and is a bit humorous as The Doctor and Clara squeeze themselves out of there. The Doctor is fascinated by the change in size on the outside, so he intends to investigate what is happening while Clara goes for a walk. Clara goes through a “graffiti mural” which features many lost loved ones. The TARDIS has gotten even smaller and Clara has a good laugh as she can now carry the box in her handbag. The Doctor then assigns Clara (who becomes Doctor Clara, and shows a few characteristics of The Doctor) to investigate and they find a guy called Rigsy who is a graffiti artist currently serving community service. He also notices people disappearing and the idea comes up about people being stuck in the walls, rather than shrinking like what is happening to the TARDIS. A police officer is pulled into the floor by the mysterious force and it is discovered something that exists mostly on a 2D scale is emerging in the world. There is something that is making things that are 3D into 2D. The Doctor realises the mural is actually the missing people and the force is coming for them.


Clara and Rigsy end up with the rest of the community service and look to survive and work out what this force wants. One by one, the community service workers are absorbed by the force and it continues chasing those who remain into a train tunnel. The force then creates zombie-like creatures into the 3D perspective that hunt down Clara, Rigsy and the rest of the community support workers. Even throwing a train at it doesn’t work and is then made to look like graffiti in the tunnel. As this happens, the TARDIS has continually been having its power absorbed by the force until its get to the point where the TARDIS itself goes into lockdown and The Doctor is in danger. Can you bargain with something that you can’t communicate with? Of course you can’t. Well, eventually it comes to a point where the idea is to use the power of your enemy against them. Clara may be able to save the day, but who can save Clara from becoming something different?

I have to admit, I like this episode a lot. The idea of the 2D and 3D perspectives of our world colliding was intriguing, the force which is present in this episode is something that is so mysterious and out of the ordinary that The Doctor doesn’t even know what they/it is. Calling them “The Boneless”, they are indeed a menacing threat and one that we are more terrified about because we don’t know that much about them. Joivan Wade who plays Rigsy in this episode is probably the best supporting character in the bunch; he has a great mind and shows to be a caring person throughout the 45 minutes of this episode. I think the rest of the cast was a bit wasted and underused, but I am still happy with the outcome. Peter Capaldi plays a more mortal version of The Doctor this week as he is almost powerless to help and stuck in the miniature TARDIS for the majority of the running time. Biggest points this week go to Jenna Coleman for her big turn in Clara’s personality and story. Not only does she start to think more like The Doctor in terms of action, Clara also lies to Danny about being in danger and has lied to Danny stating she was to give up travelling but also lied to The Doctor about Danny being ok with her continued journeys on the TARDIS. The most chilling point in the episode is when The Doctor says to Clara “You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara…goodness had nothing to do with it”. I think we can start worrying for Clara’s soul now. Amongst all this, Clara is beginning to take on too much and there will be a big crash soon. Finally, Missy is still in the shadows and we have still got no clue on who she is and what she is doing. Though, I am sure with just three more episodes to go (THREE MORE? NOOOOO!!! THAT’S GONE WAY TOO QUICK!!!!!), we will soon be learning a lot more. Also big credit to writer Jamie Mathieson for his second brilliant script of the series and am hoping that Series 9 will feature him doing the same again (plus, the humor in this episode was brilliant and was completely different to his offering last week). So, London is a forest next week?

Final Rating: 9/10.

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove.

One thought on “Doctor Who – Flatline. “… Goodness had nothing to do with it.””

  1. Loved the atmosphere and the creepy factor in this episode. It’s going to be one of my favorites of the season. Most of the supporting cast were cannon fodder (it’s been a theme this season) but that didn’t make it less enjoyable.


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