Doctor Who – Kill The Moon. “…An innocent life versus the future of all mankind. We have 45 minutes to decide!”

KILL THE MOON! Can you kill the moon? Well apparently you can (according to writer Peter Harness, who also wrote for the fantastic Wallander adaptation on BBC). But we will get to that. Courtney Woods, a student at Coal Hill School is fascinated by The Doctor. She was taken to space when The Doctor sent Scovox Blitzer in last week’s episode ‘The Caretaker’. She wants to go on an adventure, Clara tries to get The Doctor to say that Courtney is special (though he doesn’t believe it) but he says he will let her be the first woman to walk on the moon. The Doctor, Clara and Courtney arrive on a spaceship in 2049 which is about to crash into the moon and it is filled with nuclear devices. When the shuttle crashes down, the crew come to see the intruders. The Doctor states to Captain Lundvik (Hermione Norris) that he can tell there’s something wrong with the moon. He can feel the gravity is stronger, as if the moon has gotten heavier. Lundvik reveals that the moon has been the cause of natural disasters on Earth and the tides have been wiping out whole spots of civilization. The Doctor states that the moon is collapsing, it is falling to pieces. But, there is a lot more to it than that…


While investigating the station which reported an initial problem, the group find that the crew of the station on the moon are all dead and there appears to be web everywhere. Then, a black and red spider-like creature appears from the shadows and looks to wipe out anything it can find. Courtney kills it with an anti-bacterial spray (which she brought onto the TARDIS in case she got sick on it again). The spiders seem to be giant bacteria for what seems to be a living moon. But, what is under the moon? The germs seem to be all over the planet, as if they are covering something. The Doctor eventually comes to realise that the moon is an egg, an egg which contains a creature which is now ready to hatch. Unsure of what the creature would be capable of once hatched, the decision is whether to kill the moon and stop the creature or let it hatch and see what it will do. Lundvik is desperate to kill the creature, believing that it will destroy the world if let out of its egg. When Clara begs The Doctor for a decision, he declines to help. He says he can’t interfere as it is a fixed moment in time; yes we have had a few of them. He states that he can’t influence their decision and he disappears in the TARDIS leaving Lundvik, Clara and Courtney with the bombs on a sixty minute countdown to decide whether they let the moon live or die. So, the fate of the world is decided by the world as Clara contacts the earth and asks them whether they should or not they should “Kill It”. The world decides for yes to destroy it with the nuclear weapons, which would ultimately destroy the group on the moon too. But, will Clara sacrifice them to destroy a potential threat which has done nothing to deserve death? Also, what happens when Clara has finally had enough of The Doctor?

OK, this is a very tricky one to judge on. The idea that the world may end from the moon breaking open and releasing an unknown creature is a brave story. Could you kill something innocent? Hermione Norris is great as Captain Lundvik, with a few brilliant lines which cause a chuckle (“My granny used to put things on Tumblr) and also manages to shock you with how brash she can be about saving humanity and not worrying about her life. Ellis George makes a great young companion as Courtney Woods; she brings a more youthful insight to the TARDIS travels and holds her own in the crew. The Doctor still makes use of Peter Capladi playing the part with a slightly twisted view on humans and he still gets a small kick from manipulating them. But, the highlight character is Clara Oswald. Jenna Coleman sees her character finally stand up to The Doctor for all the things he has done and the way he has continually twisted and manipulated her. He thinks he is helping, but it’s really putting her into emotional turmoil, including nearly dying because he would not help. Danny Pink helps Clara to realise that her relationship with The Doctor isn’t over yet, though where can they go after she decides to finally walk away from him. Plus, will Clara be joining The Doctor for a little train ride next Saturday?

Final Rating: 8/10

Written By Jonjo Cosgrove.

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