Well, there had been whispers for some time that AC/DC were to release a brand new album after it emerged they had been recording this year. The confirmation is now here, AC/DC will be releasing their brand new album ROCK OR BUST on Monday 1st December 2014 in the UK and will be worldwide shortly after that date. The album, the first since 2008’s Number 1 BLACK ICE, will feature 11 brand new songs from the band. Working once again with Brendan O’Brien, the band look set to hit big again with this release and have already been discussing a world tour for 2015.

This is where the sad news is about to hit. Earlier this year we also heard how Malcolm Young, who has been in AC/DC since its inception, is to permanently bow out, leaving his brother Angus Young as the last founding member of the band. The musician left for health reasons earlier in 2014 and has since been replaced with his nephew Stevie Young (who had previously filled in for his uncle during the band’s 1988 US tour). While this is sad news that the legendary Malcolm Young will not be in AC/DC anymore, it is fair to say that they chose wisely by keeping it in the family for taking the vacant spot.

So, this Christmas, let’s enjoy some rock from one of the greatest bands of all time as they return to stun you and take their spot again as the most influential rock band today!

Written by Jonjo Cosgrove

Let’s remind ourselves of how in 2008 AC/DC burst back onto the scene!

ACDC malcolm young

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