Doctor Who – Into The Dalek “The answer to my next question, which must be honest and cold and considered without kindness or restraint. Clara, be my pal… and tell me… am I a good man?”

Saturday 30th August 2014




We start with that question Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord asks Clara, “Am I A Good Man?”. This is only the start to the question as the 45 minutes of this episode seem to show that The Doctor does his best to be good, but maybe he isn’t as good as believed to be? Well, we have got 10 more episodes of this series to worry on that. There is another item to discuss…So, could there ever be a “good Dalek”? This being the first episode that Peter Capaldi gets to spread his Doctor over in full force, you can’t help but feel like you can’t trust the Time Lord. The episode begins with The Doctor rescuing a woman from certain death, and he is taken to “treat” a patient at their ship, and would you believe me when I tell you it’s a Dalek? Well it is, and we see that this Dalek doesn’t want to kill. But why is this? Meanwhile, Clara is back at work at Coal Hill School and meets the slightly awkward and charming Danny Pink. A romance seems to be building up and you can’t help but feel hope that this works out for the two. Where was I? oh yes, that Dalek! Well this Dalek apparently has turned good, but why? Well, the solution is to go inside the Dalek and see what makes it different and maybe find a way to help all Daleks do the same. The Doctor, Clara and a few of the crew from the spaceship shrink themselves and journey through the most feared creature in existence.

Capaldi and Dalek

That is the basic premise, so what happens from that. Well we get to see what is inside the most feared enemy of The Doctor; we also get to see just what this new Doctor will do to achieve what he wants, even if it involves certain death (which comes in a rather chilling and uncomfortable scene). We learn that where you have one Dalek, you have more to come. Also, another appearance from one of last week’s characters gets us thinking on what is happening and what this is building up to. Peter Capaldi continues his rebel Time Lord act and shows that he has little time for casualties and life. He is a twisted and damaged man, still trying to find himself and just wants to solve the problem which is itching him. Also, we find that The Doctor and a Dalek can still show parallels with each other, which from this episode does blur the line between the two in places. The Time Lord and The Dalek show strength and hope in the plan to make Daleks good, but is it possible?

Peter Capaldi has won me over rather well in this episode, his Doctor is someone we are not gonna get to know too well (at least not yet anyway), but I find nothing wrong in a bit of mystery and darkness in this character who has now lived longer than his original lifespan was to take him. Jenna Coleman is still amazing as Clara, she can make you laugh through her interactions and make you cry with her emotions, still a brilliant companion. Also big thumbs up for the Daleks, they were given a new breath of life and it seems to have worked in the Phil Ford and Steven Moffat written story. I wanna give credit to the cast who supported the episode, Samuel Anderson did well as Clara’s love interest and fellow Coal HIll School colleague Danny Pink and Zawe Ashton as soldier Journey Blue on the spaceship which holds the Dalek (lots of colours going on). Top notch dialogue, gripping moments and the Doctor has certainly got reason to question if he is a “good man”. More like this and I will be happy! Now, apparently that bloke who doe’s Sherlock and helped create The League Of Gentleman is making episode three involve Robin Hood? Well, Mark Gatiss, I can’t wait!

Final Rating: 9/10.

Written By Jonjo Cosgrove

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