Pacha: Ibiza House Anthems. “The music of Ibiza in 3 CD’s”

Have you ever been to Ibiza? Chances are you possibly went into the club known as Pacha, world famous and known for holding the world’s top DJ’s who spin their decks for the partygoers on the island. Pacha opened in Ibiza in 1973 and has been one of the world’s most popular clubs for years (and did you know the James Blunt song ‘1973’ involves Pacha? Bet you didn’t know that!). The experience of being in a crowd of thousands all jumping about and having that shared experience of a massive party is hard to describe, though it is mainly brought to life because of the music that is involved. So, whether you know Pacha well or maybe you’ve never even been to Ibiza, this mix will see you through what to expect in the legendary club.

The album starts with the number one summer hit ‘My Love’ from Route 94 and gets the party started immediately. The beat alone gets you dancing straight away; you can just close your eyes and imagine you are in Ibiza with that drink in hand. The mix then begins three minutes in as we are teased with ‘Look Through Me’ from Storm Queen. The mix then continues with Duke Dumont, Clean Bandit and Shadow Child. I will admit, I don’t know every single title that appears on the album, but Pacha is a very international club so makes sure that the music that influences it is on a scale which reaches to the whole world. When you get to ‘Bigger Than Prince’ you know you are now submerged in the best in Dance & House music, the track may not be the top on the album, but it’s the point you are now settled into the beats which will continue to hold you for all three discs. Ibiza faves Afrojack and Steve Aoki make appearances and the Nicky Romero & Avicii track ‘I Could Be The One’ brings me back to the “tracks I know well” section. Disc one finishes with ‘Greyhound’ from the now disbanded Swedish House Mafia and 2013’s biggest surprise dance track ‘Summertime Sadness’ from Lana Del Rey (as remixed by Cedric Gervais that is).

Chris Malinchak begins disc two. ‘So Good To Me’ leads the way to more songs which I discover for possible the first time. Haim are given the remix treatment by Duke Dumont for their track ‘Falling’, which works surprisingly well as a dance track, never thought I could picture them in this genre. Many songs I am listening to now are ones I may have heard in passing, but never properly before on a CD. The CD includes many acts that I have never even heard of, and I think that is a shame as there is a lot of quality on this release but a good number which unfortunately haven’t translated over to the UK. ‘Jack’ by Breach is an exception in the later part of this disc, I feel I enjoy the CD more at this point as this is the first track for a while that I know. The second disc ends and I feel slightly disappointed, a good majority of the mix didn’t stand out to me and had less of an impact than the disc I begun with. But now onto number three.

‘The Bomb!’ starts the next disc; it’s a good start and brings my interest in House music up again. ‘Hideaway’ from De’Lacy is next and a nice hit from the 90’s for a taste of nostalgia in the mix. ‘At Night’ by Shakedown then cements the vibe as a trip into my past and making me remember the tracks from when I was growing up. It’s time for a dance at this stage. Soul Central are later given their chance to come back into the spotlight. Armand Van Helden is then given two tracks in a row where two of his big hits are given a spin including the anthem ‘U Don’t Know Me’, which then leads on to more popular Ibiza acts including Basement Jaxx, Benny Benassi, and Paul Johnson with ‘Get Down Down’. After a few more top dance tracks, the collection finally ends when M83 ‘Midnight City’ (which if you are in the UK, you will know this song prominently features on adverts for the show Made In Chelsea which I can only say makes me want to prove to the world that we are not like how we are seen in these tacky reality shows) begins to fade and the Pacha album brings in Empire Of The Sun for a very special remix of their track ‘We Are The People’ which hits hard with the bass and sounds amazing with that fusion of House and Alternative Rock.

So, I have to say that Disc one and three provides a mix which brings memories back and gets me dancing and puts me into a party mood. Disc two unfortunately costs the album some points as it doesn’t hook me as well and a lot of songs I have to admit I don’t really know and some just don’t seem too appealing on hearing them. It’s a great playlist still, many songs to enjoy and a great album to have if you have ever visited Pacha in Ibiza or if you want to. The only other gripe I have is I would have preferred a few mixes of some more hit dance tracks and maybe a few additional higher profile names (Martin Solveig, Ian Van Dahl, Darude and maybe some more David Guetta wouldn’t go a miss.) would have strengthened this album, but it is still a sold release. Ibiza 2014 is sounding good, but don’t limit yourself to this collection.

Final Rating 7/10

Review by Jonjo Cosgrove

Video of David Guetta in Pacha from 2011!




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