The Inbetweeners 2 – Movie Review. “There’s Always Some C*** Playing The Guitar”


The Inb 2

STARRING: Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, Tamla Kari.

It is fair to say in this film, we really have hit a peak of what can be classified as a 15. With all the bodily functions on automatic and the laughs still coming as consistently as they did during the three original series, I am glad to say that the film gives you more of what you know and keeps all your good memories in tact. E4’s most popular show is back after a three year break with more laughs than you would have expected.

Will, Simon and Neil find that growing up is a bit crap (and frankly, we all agree). But, they find a way out of University and work by finding their friend Jay who is currently enjoying a gap-year in Australia (the sex capital of the world according to James Buckley’s perverted Jay Cartwright). The lads don’t take too long to set off on the road and to a new adventure. Laughs come in every direction, especially when its bringing the nostalgia of what we know the boys for (the embarrassing car, Neil’s dodgy bowels, Will being the awkward virgin) and you will feel sick when you see Will race out of a water slide when he has a dirty missile coming towards him. The film does see the friendship still strong and shows just how much these guys are still the lads we grew to love and relate to.

Cameo’s from the show do come in as rather fun and provide a sweet taste to the fans. Also seeing Jay’s real reason for being in Australia is a rather touching moment and also one of the greatest facial expressions that will make you feel sorry and laugh out loud at the same time. Also to see where Simon and Lucy are since they got together in Malia is fun and at times the only real connection to the first film.

New characters are not as extensively prominent in Movie 2 as they are in the original. Whether its Will McKenzie’s primary school crush Katie or the upper-class modern hippie Ben, it feels they don’t get to be seen as more than tools for the plot. I am not saying they are a complete waste, Katie does get Will to instigate an acoustic performance of ‘The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face’ and some bedroom antics which causes an awkward moment thanks to a gift from Will’s Mum. Also, even though he isn’t in the film much, Jay has his Australian Uncle make a mark on the lads through his only two scenes in the movie.

The film is indeed a laugh-filled riot throughout. It makes you cringe, you will be shocked, you will laugh a lot and you will think twice before going down a waterslide or asking for survival tips from a friend. As much as I think this is the end, I would be happy to see the boys return again…

Final Rating: 9/10

Review By Jonjo Cosgrove

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